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Simrat Sandhu d'mello
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Simrat Sandhu d'mello



Simrat D'Mello is a forager of dreams. She picks up the bits and pieces the world leaves behind in its haste, and weaves them together to reveal images we have all conjured in our sleep.

Simrat makes one-off pieces of wearable art for her label, Chiria. Her work is a form of creative foraging - an accumulation of things collected on her journeys and adventures. The widely eclectic materials used include animal bones, brass pipes, fabric, glass, spikes, jute, and a million other things that catch her fancy.

Her art pieces have a Bohemian spirit, inspired by forms, cultures and schema as varied as the Aztec civilisation, Malayalam heritage, neo modernism, and artpop. The medium she uses borrows freely from a rich cultural tapestry that extends from the Garo Khasi hills to the salt flats of the Kutch and from the forbidden valley of Spiti to the lagoon backwaters of Kerela.