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Archana Mohod
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Archana Mohod



Having spent most of my life in labs, toying with glassware and amidst pungent smell of chemicals, life took a detour of sorts. Life took a 360 degrees turn and I found myself toying with brushes, canvas, paper, paints and an insatiable craving for coming out with new ideas, concepts and products. My product line called Cryptic Hues,tries to create a fusion of beauty and functionality. I try to stick to eco-friendly mediums and am passionate about up-cycled products too.
Something which is perceived as waste by people, and discarded, my journey and thought process begins there. I turn it around in my mind multiple times and try to visualize a product and look at it as my canvas. I love to see the surprise on people's faces when they realize that what now is a magazine holder was once a humble oil can. I feel its my duty to create beauty from perceived waste and its my miniscule effort towards recycling and reusing and trying to do my bit for the planet.