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Jigar Soni
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Jigar Soni



Having been an artist from childhood as he learnt and lived a life as an artist under a guidence of his father , Jigar soni created a misty Kutch in his paintings and had done an exhibition in Nehru Centre –Mumbai at the age of 20.Inspired by Shree Babubhairanpura (spiritual Guide) , He experienced a voyage of a rhythm (Talvandana) by the medium of Paintings(book published by – Navbharat sahitya mandeer-2012).Talvandana is a creation of paintings with the spiritual experienced by listening a Tala. He made 9 paintings in it.At the early age of his career he rewarded by Gujarat state lalitkala academy in 2011 and travelled to Diu and vallabhvidyanagar for a Gujarat state Lalitkala academy’s artist camp. Being a professional artist he has a potencial to make portraits , Landscapes , sketches , spiritual paintings etc.