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Surraj Kathuria
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Surraj Kathuria



Surraj Kathuria is intensely concerned with design as an art form. The designer draws on the age old historical Indian textile crafts and creates masterpeices that can be accepted across globe. Surraj has great understanding of the psyche of the fashion world that reflects in his collections that are intelligent, studied, imaginative and exclusively innovative yet always relevant and astonishing.
The young designer graduated from Pearl Academy in Jaipur, Rajasthan with an honors degree in the past.
Since he was born in a family with structured base of Fashion Design, he always saw his parents experimenting with new designs, that automatically got imparted in him from the time of his childhood. After graduation he joined his family business for a few months for learning the ropes and started his own label in year 2011.
Surraj Kathuria’s sense of aesthetic is finely polished. His work is handcrafted to perfection. He is recognized for his meticulous attention to detail. From the village crafts and traditional methods of Design that our very own mother land is rich in, the designer brings them all to life in his spectacular yet original language. The designer is versatile in choosing his inspiration that widens up the scope and area of exploration.
Surraj’s sensibility of creating a modern look from the old and traditional style forms is the essence of what his label “Surraj Kathuria” stands for today.