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Insiya Kapadia
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Insiya Kapadia



Art Cart is a shop selling unique hand made work using the most Eco friendly material.

Eco friendly products here include,tastefully designed and beautifully handcrafted fashion jewellery in colourful,vibrant and mixed array of colour and material. Trendy pieces of jewellery that will add a dash of oomph to your look. Our cart also includes handmade Key chains, handcrafted accessories and other gifting items which are one of its kind and tastefully designed, remain easy to maintain and yet affordable.

You can help us initiate this innovative approach of bringing art to people. It is a hand built cart selling straight from the artists products to grace your friend or loved one with lovely gifts.

Art Cart will constantly showcase an array of new products so keep your eyes out for updates!

Insiya Kapadia,
Art Cart.