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Shubham Syal
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Shubham Syal



My name is shubham syal . i create table lamps, helmet stands , storage dock lamps and desk solutions that are magnetic and induce exalted attention . The whole agenda is to be involved in the joy of creation , the inspiration leading to it and the magic it spreads it sails on its own . I've always had an urge to create . i create music , i write lyrics , i create luminary objects . A musician since an early age ,made me realise the fertile nature of creativity and how it leads to personal growth in and around you . I hold a masters degree in management and work experience in distribution and marketing . With the family business involving manufacturing of sprockets, gears , axles ,auto parts,cycle parts i was always around the aesthetic beauty of perfectly conjoined gears , the weld of creation . Designing and modifying my old Hero cycle at an early age, designing book shelves in 9th grade . i always had the curiosity to create . And thus , SMOKESTACK WORKS