Your Artisanal Gifting Guide For This Wedding Season

Amidst the endless planning  and the numerous outfit and jewelry fixes for your favourite cousin or best friend’s wedding – the single most important thought that keeps crossing one’s mind is getting the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple. How does  one ensure it is special and unique? Should it be a personalised gift or one that’s shared by one or both? How does one ensure the gift is memorable and appreciated? And then there is a budget to keep in mind as well.

Fear not. With our extensive selection of artisanal giftables – you have enough and more to choose from. Check out the selection our creative team has curated for you – to gift to your favourite couple this wedding season.

Handcrafted Linen

A new day, a new life and new beginnings. Make the happy couple’s new journey special with our handmade and hand finished linen. Choose from fine cotton sheets in solid colours or block prints. Or choose a stylish throw or pick a hand-embroidered duvet, for a space that will speak in style.

Clockwise from top left: Twin Size Bed Runner & Pillow Cover, Snow Flakes Teal Throw, Gerbera Swallow Bedsheet Set, Kantha Stitch Double Dohar

Tasteful Wall Art

Styling  walls with more than wedding pictures  –  can add a fresh vibe into a newly occupied space. Walls can be a blank canvas for trendy wall plates, bold digital wall art and even experimental art pieces in metal and wood making for interesting conversation starters.

Clockwise from top left: Pichwai Art Prints, Dao Wall Art, Latvian Wall Plate, Animula

Mood Lighting Solutions

Lamps are the perfect combination of design and function which is why they make for a great gift. They  blend with existing decor concepts and can also act as statement pieces along while being extremely practical. We’ve got options in fabric, wood, metal and both classic and modern styles to choose from.

Clockwise from top left: Turkish Table Lamp, Pila Table Lamp, Japanese Origami Table Lamp, Leather Tholu Bomalata Lamp

Cook & Serve in Style

Other than setting up a house after getting married, – setting up a kitchen can make the difference with couple bonding over cooking and eating together.  Choose from recommended options that can grace a newlywed couple’s kitchen. A set of mugs for a favourite beverage, cutlery that’s stylish and quirky, artisanal dinner sets, fancy platters for entertaining and more. This is one place where you can’t go wrong!

Clockwise from top left: Ananya Ceramic Platter, MOP Serving Cutlery Set, Azela Bowl Set, Sea Blue Leaves Collection

Drink it Up

If the couple is setting up a home bar or they like their tipple or possess a flair for putting together a customised cocktail –  choose from our range of edgy drink ware and coasters that promise happy times, good cheer and pristine surfaces.

Clockwise from top left: Native American Shot Glasses, Silver Champagne Flutes, Ikat Print Metal Coasters, Blue Stone Bar Tools

So explore our selection by clicking on the links shared or head over to our website to check out some elegant, classic, and unique gifting ideas for your favourite couple.

Get creative. Get Happy. Get Gifting

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