Choosing the Right Sized Wall Art for Your Space: A Guide to Styling Your Walls

There’s a certain magic that art brings to a space. It breathes life into bare walls, whispers stories, and sparks conversations. But amidst the magical world of colours, textures, themes and styles, one extremely crucial element often gets overlooked. And that is – Size. Choosing the right sized art for your space can be the difference between a space that sings – and one that just feels … off. Which is why we believe it is important to address this crucial aspect – that can make a huge difference to your art display both by itself – as well as part of your room décor.

Explore our versatile Wall Art expressions. Clockwise from top left: Abstract Color Splash, Don’t Pull the Chain Wall Art, The Gold Painted Mosaic Stoke, Inner peace

Read on for our expert recommendations on how to work with wall art sizes and varying types of room décor.

1. Measure Twice, Admire Once

Before you get swept away by a brilliant artwork, grab your trusty measuring tape. And get acquainted with your wall’s dimensions. Don’t just measure the width and height; consider any mouldings, furniture placement, or architectural quirks that might steal space. Remember, you’re not just choosing art, you’ll also need to use it to create a balanced composition.

2. The Golden Ratio is Your Secret Weapon

Ever heard of the golden ratio? It holds the key to visual harmony. Think of it like the secret sauce of good design. Aim for artwork that’s roughly 60-75% of the available wall space. This creates a visually pleasing proportion, leaving enough room for the art to breathe and the eye to wander and take in some relief.

3. Big and Bold or Whimsical and Playful?

Now comes the important part: deciding on the scale. Do you want your art to be a room-dominating statement piece, or a mid-sized, charming conversation starter? Here’s a cheat sheet that you can refer to:

• For a focal point: opt for artwork that’s 2/3rd to 3/4th the size of the furniture it sits above. Hang it at eye level for maximum impact.

• For a gallery wall: play with different sizes! Mix and match small and medium pieces to create a dynamic and visually interesting arrangement.

• For a cozy nook: a single, perfectly sized artwork can add warmth and personality without overwhelming the space.

4. Mind the Gap – because framing matters

Don’t forget to factor in the frame! Those extra inches can make a surprising difference. Measure the artwork with the frame and adjust your calculations accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 4-6 inches of breathing room between the artwork plus the fame and the surrounding furniture or walls.

5. Trust Your Gut but Embrace Experimentation

Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. While guidelines are helpful, don’t be afraid to trust your intuition. If a piece speaks to your soul, even if it’s slightly bigger or smaller than “ideal,” go for it! Experimentation is key to discovering what truly resonates with you.

6. Test-drive your Art before committing to it

Before you commit to hammering nails into the wall, take a moment to visualize the final picture. Trace the outline of the artwork on brown paper and tape it to the wall. Live with it for a day or two. See how it interacts with the furniture, the lighting, the overall ambiance. Does it feel harmonious? Does it evoke the emotions you desire? Then and only then – take a call one way or another.

7. Embrace the Magic of Negative Space:

Remember, empty space isn’t your enemy. It allows the artwork to breathe and emphasizes its unique presence. Don’t be afraid to leave some breathing room around your art. It can actually enhance its impact and create a sense of balance and serenity.

Explore our versatile Wall Art expressions. Clockwise from top left: Xorai Wall Art, Brooklyn, Neelkanth Wall Plates, Ram Head Wall Accent

To sum it all up – choosing the right sized art is an art plus a science in itself. But with our pointers and your intuition, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your walls into masterpieces. So go forth, measure, experiment, and most importantly, have fun! Remember, your home is a canvas waiting to be painted with your unique vision, and the right sized art is the brush that brings it all to life.

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