The Story of Us

It is amazing how sometimes something that appears so tiny – can transform itself in to a reality larger than life itself.

That’s exactly what happened on a day when I was with a group of friends at coffee, after office hours at a Fortune 10 company. Our conversation veered on to a path beyond the ordinary. The discussion turned to the possibility of creating an organisation with a sense of purpose and making a difference to people’s lives.. And so the idea of the World Art Community was born.

A lot of time was spent in evaluating the current social structure and people’s issues. I realised that creativity is an element that defines what we seek in our lives – and yet doesn’t find its logical fulfilment due to our limitations. I saw creators of art searching desperately for ways in which to pursue their passion and some struggling to make a career out of their passion. Their resources were limited but the opportunity was not. With immense support from likeminded people who were passionate about supporting our cause, the World Art Community was born.

As the name suggests – we are a community. Not just one of India’s online art- centric market place. It is a space where art creators and art lovers meet. At the World Art Community we believe that artists can find financial and personal reward by starting their own business – using the power of collaboration and technology. For art connoisseurs – the World Art Community will offer one–of-a-kind handcrafted products which would fulfill aspirations for a beautiful lifestyle.

Our business model is far-sighted as we aim to create an integrated eco-system of art creators and art lovers. We would also be present in the real world art scene through participation and education. We ultimately seek to anticipate and set trends in creative lifestyle.

If you’d like to be part of our story and make a life more beautiful – do drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

With warm good wishes,

Shobhit Arora

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