The Power of Individualism from Tallita Tyagi

Life throws up many surprises. Some good, some not so good. And then there is serendipity.That surpasses everything as events happen by chance in a happy or beneficial way with outstanding results for whom it matters most.

The life of Tallita Tyagi who creates art under the brand name of Tallita’s Studio is an example of just that. In her wildest dreams – Tallita would never have guessed she would walk the artistic path. After all, with an education as diverse as a Master’s degree in English Literature from Delhi University followed by a diploma in Fashion Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology and finally a post -graduate degree in Operations Management from Symbiosis University – the world was Tallita’s oyster.

But she found her calling in Art – specifically in Painting. With no formal education in Art and only her childhood passion for starters – she taught herself the various techniques of colour ,blending and brush stroke application to achieve varying effects in texture and form.

She is now a versatile artist and is equally at home with the mediums of Oil, Acrylic and Pencil.. Her choice of subjects is varied and stems from her experience of our country and its colourful, diverse cultures and equally rich historical heritage. As a result – Tallita’s artworks are colourful, vibrant and showcase striking colours and subjects.dsc044421

Painting is an integral part of Tallita’s life. The time spent in creating art is an experience that is personal, introspective, quiet and amazing. Her work is now rooted in years of practice and her ingrained habit of observing everyday subjects in everyday surroundings – has helped in the evolution of her technique. It has enabled perspective, a play of light and shadow, creation of depth and dimension, on different surfaces – from smooth and shiny to grainy and rough, on both canvas and paper.

Tallita believes that a beautiful mind sees Art everywhere. In the nuances of our daily existence where colour, form, line, texture, illustration, design, sculpting or other creative media are an expression and perception of life as the artist knows it and sees it. For her – Art is the most intense mode of individualism expressed through the mind, the vision and the ability of the artist.

You can view Collection from Tallita’s Studio here

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