Our Apparel Collection – Setting Style Standards

We’ve been sharing collections of artistic products from multiple categories over these past months. Including paintings, pottery, textile art, photography, jewellery, home décor, sculpture. We could go in to more and intricate detail. But there’s one category to which we’ve just about begun to do justice.
Our Apparel Collection is now beginning to find its place in the sun – with multiple labels and their designer-creators expressing their sartorial style for our discerning audience.

So what does one think about when you hear the word “style”? At a basic level style is synonymous with one’s outer appearance and it’s different elements such as clothes, accessories or even a hairstyle. But style-gurus will tell you that it’s much beyond that.

Great style is about great expression. It’s about how we express our inner self – outwardly. Using external and tangible elements. And while what you wear may not be the entire impression you convey – it does make up a sizeable part of that. People will at least begin to form impressions about you because everything on the outside is a reflection of what’s inside.

At the WorldArtCommunity – our emphasis has always been on products that are stylish, sophisticated and one of a kind. After all – that’s precisely what will set us apart. And that’s what our customers too would want to achieve by using our products.133

Our partner artists behind our apparel brands are themselves stylish, creative folk – who create a mix of whimsical, quirky, classic, innovative original styles. Using fabrics that are a mix of traditional hand-wovens to organics to contemporary classics, the outfits are hand-stitched, hand-finished with elegant trims and accessories.

There’s an extensive variety of labels and styles for you to choose from. Check out the work of Artisau that emphasizes simplicity in dressing and reiterates that less is always more. The clothes are carefully hand stitched and detailed, integrating the ancient practices of sewing and darning into details.


Or the feminine, flirty style of Intish by Chintya – a label inspired by vintage sensibilities and accentuated with a modern aesthetic. Then there’s Alaya the Storehouse – comprising of versatile prints and minimalistic designs. Or take a look at – with its easy, relaxed and organic pieces – each standing for understated elegance and relaxed wearability. And the very innovative Har.Yarn.V who works with handloom fabrics and techniques such as Patching, Pleating and Layering to create silhouettes inspired by the loose, airy styles of traditional Haryanvi clothes.

And to balance out Western and Indo-Western outfits and separates – we have the ethnic styles of Shloqa – who use traditional forms of embroidery, embellishments and prints to create occasion-wear and work-wear in the form of suits,anarkalis,tunics,fusion-outfits and more.

We’re truly delighted to bring you the work of our artistic partners in the category of Apparel. Each designer-creator has taken time and effort to be at their creative best to bring you their version of Style.

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