7 Reasons why Scarves & Stoles Rock !

Besides telling us that winter is well and truly here – they’re all about warmth and reassurance. Be they crafted in wool, silk, chiffon, cotton or even hand-woven fabric .

Anyone who thinks scarves and stoles are meant only for winter couldn’t be more wrong. They’re also great if you’re working in an air-conditioned office. We’d all love a bit of warmth to keep us going. Scarves are also the ultimate accessory. That’s what makes them wearable all year round.

Longer versions are the most adaptable – but squares can also make a statement if draped with a bit of creative flair. Not to forget their protection from the heat and dust when worn on the head or draped around the face !

Check out how scarves and stoles can be our go-to accessory for staying warm yet looking effortlessly stylish every single day !

1. Jazz up a Plain or Solid-Colour Outfit
If you are wearing a subtle, plain outfit, spice it up with a colourful silk scarf. Especially in winters, a silk scarf can make any garment look vibrant.

2. Refresh Your Look 
Tired of carrying the same handbag everyday? It’s a task to change bags and shift stuff back and forth. All you need to do is tie a scarf around your bag for a fresh new look.

3. Keep Your Neck and Shoulders Warm
A silk scarf or a pashmina stole are your best friends when the weather is chilly. Or even during changes of season when the weather is alternately warm or cold in a single day. Let’s not forget the summer when entering a room with air conditioning at full blast can affect work ! And did we mention how a stole can be a life-saver on chilly flights ?

4. Feel Flirty & Feminine
Revel in the Power of Femininity ! The most casual, severe look can create a powerful and unexpected contrast – with a vividly coloured scarf.

5. Look Taller
If you want to appear tall- grab your scarf and sling on your high heels. A square scarf folded diagonally into a slim band or a long scarf draped simply around the neck will instantly lengthen and slim down your silhouette.
6. Be Formal 
At a business meeting or at a formal event ? Just pick a scarf to make your style statement.

7. Hide a Flaw or a Mistake !
The upper arms and neck are parts that can reveal the age of a woman. A scarf wrapped around your shoulders or folded into a triangle and worn onto the front of your neck will enable you to cover any flaws with elegance. And at the last minute if you feel conscious about the way you are looking or a neckline that is plunging a bit too much – take the help of your favourite scarf and set yourself free !

All that’s left is to now share that we’re thrilled to showcase the magic of our DrapeWear Collection of Scarves and Stoles !

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