How to Choose Father’s Day Gifts Creatively !

A lot of us are mostly at a loss as to what to buy for the men in our lives. Our Dads especially! They mostly seem to be pretty content with what they have, they follow a set routine and neither do they experiment too much or try out new things in their lives.

So how many ties/ hankies/ wallets/ bottles of wine can one give them without feeling silly and without
having to put them through the “this-is- what-I- wanted” act again and again ? A passing mention about something – may trigger a new choice but you run the risk of that being relegated to the back of a closet – because it was just that – a mention in passing.

Personalised D-I- Y gifts such as a compilation of his favourite music or an album of your pictures with him are great thoughts – but demand creativity, dexterity and time !collect_moments_not_things_small_grande

And the relationship is far too special for one to just pick any random stuff and pass it along. So take a look at our secret sauce tips on how to ferret out that extra special gift for your first hero and love – your Dad !

  1. Decide on a budget. And stick to it. The best gifts need not be the most expensive. Even his favourite cake baked by you with love can be the best gift he’s received . But if you have decided to buy him something – decide on a number and stick to it. We offer you a great selection of curated giftables ranging from Rs 242 to Rs 8,000 ! Check out these fabulous ice-axe shaped cufflinks here or this fabulous diary crafted out of bamboo wood here
    And yes – it’s not about the money but the thought behind it. Right ?
  2. Think about how he spends his free time. And use that as a starting point. Does he walk ? Get him a great pair of trainers. Or a cosy jacket to keep him warm. Golf ? Huge amounts of merchandise at pro-shops and specialty stores is up for grabs. If he likes to potter around in the kitchen occasionally – pick up a grill for him to roast and serve everyone’s favourites. Or if he likes to take care of himself – this <a href=”” title=”Wooden Watch” target=”_blank”>great luxury watch</a> is something he would appreciate ! Whatever he likes to do best with the time he has to himself, that’s a great place to start.dsc_5131
  3. Fulfill a need. Does he like to watch his own shows or keep track of the news ? Pick up a tab and load it with his favourite shows and news apps. Or just pick up a set of DVD’s ! Make the gift about him and not about the gift itself. It’s not the gift itself but the value it brings to the recipient. And the feeling with which it is created and given. A hand knitted muffler in bright colours would be something Dad would just love to show off. Or if he likes his wine – check out this industrial style wine bottle holder here or these gorgeous pottery mugs for his morning cuppa here.
  4. Go beyond the obvious. Spend time with him. Take a full day off and spend it only with him. Take him out for his favourite drink and a meal. Or get his friends across for a surprise party. Write him a letter of thanks and appreciation. Or give him this personalised gift that expresses what you feel for him. Or even fly out a very special friend all expenses included to visit him on his birthday.

Or just take the easy way out. We’ve lined up a curated selection of great gift ideas for the most special man in your life. Take the stress out of it. One look and you’ll know what to buy. So you have it here. All you can do to make Father’s Day the most special one. Yet.

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