You Shoot. You Sell.

Now that you have your online store – great pictures of your awesome products can create a great impression and attract consumers. After all – even the best product could do with a bit of dressing up and polish to create a great impression ! If you have professional help for creating product images that’s great ! But even if you don’t – that is not a problem either. The principles of great product photography are essentially about making a product look its best. Whether you showcase it as the hero or display it in use. Read on and know more !

  1.  Lighting is Everything !  
    • Use natural light as much as possible. Shoot near a window. Or against a naturally-lit white wall.
    • You could even try and experiment with an outdoor shot in a garden or a park. The diffused sunlight of the early morning or evening can get you some amazing results. Always remember that the sun should be behind you.
    • Experiment with your camera to see what kind of images it captures in different kinds of lighting. Choose what works for you after checking the image on a larger screen or display.
    • If you cannot use natural light – use the white balance function on your camera to ensure proper colour representation. Or use a too like Photoshop if you know how. Or get help from someone so you can clean up any casts or brighten a dim image.
    • At some point in time as you gain in confidence, your business grows and you can invest in a professional camera .
  2. A Great Background makes for a Greater Product Image !
    • A simple background can make your product look great. Think of a classy, muted textured sheet of paper. If you are using fabric it must not have wrinkles and must be carefully draped or arranged.
    • Light coloured backgrounds mostly work best unless you are sure of it otherwise.
    • Small items like trinkets or jewellery can look great with unusual textures and backgrounds in cloth, paper, wood, metal. Experiment and see what looks good.
    • Be careful when shooting clothes or larger items. You’ll need to pull back and create a larger frame so the entire product is visible. A plain wall or background with zero distractions is your best bet.
  3. Shooting a Great Picture 
    • The ideal thing would be to rest your camera on a tripod. Else – on a solid surface such as ledge or a pile of books. This is important even if you have enough light. As even a tiny little shake can end up creating a blurred image.
    • For small items – zoom into your product. But ensure your focus is clear. A clear, sharp focus on a product is more effective than filling a frame.
    • Take pictures from all possible angles. And shoot much more than what you actually need.
    • If you are shooting a personal product such as apparel or jewellery – it is important to find someone to model it for you.
    • In order to give your consumers a sense of the product size – put an appropriate or familiar object in the frame to enable a size comparison.
    • Include a variety of images. Shoot the product from different angles. Shoot with backdrops. With suitable props. And if possible showcase the product in use.
    • And lastly – try and tell a story through your pictures. It is something that comes with practice and effort but the rewards would be well worth it !

We’d be happy to guide you on your photography requirements with more tips and tricks from time to time. In case you have a specific query of feedback to share on this post drop us a line or share your feedback in the comments section below !

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