The Geometry of Decor !!

This season has turned the spotlight on interior design’s main ingredient – geometrics. Gone are the days when geometrics were simply regular and boring lines and shapes. Now, geometrical patterns combine to create a look that is pleasing to the eye. This trend is all about balancing colours, prints, and textures as they seamlessly enhance each other without being too overwhelming.


Talexo Rug by The Rug Republic

Adding a geometric rug is a great way to breathe new life into your space. A colorful rug with bold yet simple geometric triangular patterns can give your living area the much needed makeover.


Bohemian Lined Electric Blue Jacquard Cushion Cover by Indian Weave

Cushions add depth and give a vibrant look to the living room. Use of simple geometric patterns in monotone colors with touchable textures enhances and creates a luxurious atmosphere.

Geometric patterns aren’t just for fabrics. Decorative accents like candle holders, metallic lamps, wall accents and other home accessories in geometric shapes and patterns also play an important role in creating an overall look of any space.

Clockwise from left: Silver Golden Kandeel, Ether – Geometric Container , Geek Lamp , Hollow Tea Light Holder


Decorative lights particularly hanging lights can instantly make a room brighter and livelier. Play with metallic lamps with clean, simple lines to give a contemporary vibe to your living spaces.

Geometric Furniture

Geometric patterns are also perfectly suited for amping up the drama in your interiors. Sharp features in furniture is something that is really unique and makes for a great statement. It is a great idea to add pattern and finishes to the piece. Look for swirls, triangles and “maze-like” designs to make the furniture look perfect.

Accessories and Wall accents

Things in unexpected shapes, like rectangular candle holders, beautifully painted stained glass and quirky, tangled wall décor, the choice is endless. The fun lies in exploring and experimenting with the world of shapes, lines and patterns to create something beautiful, colorful, bold and elegant.


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