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Copper is an essential mineral and is also found as a metal alloy in a reddish-orange color. It exists both in plant life and in the human body. Copper and its use dates back over 10,000 plus years. Pure copper is extremely soft and malleable and is combined with brass and bronze, for use in jewellery, currency, medical instruments, and in statues and sculptures. Not many know that The Statue of Liberty is the largest copper statue in the world !

Copper can be completely recycled without any loss of its original quality ! When copper tarnishes, a beautiful green patina covers it. Copper is the oldest metal ore. Originally mined by prehistoric humans, it is believed to have been discovered about 13,000 years ago. The process of refining copper began around 5,000 BC.

The Egyptians were the first to create metal alloys from copper. The metal was highly prized in its natural form, as well as for its use as an alloy. Since it was highly malleable – jewellers worked
extensively with copper and crafted crowns and other items that signified the status of royalty and high ranking officials. Hieroglyphics show that not only was copper valuable, but that copper jewellers and the owners of copper possessed high status in those times.

Native Americans also used copper to craft jewellery and it is still valued highly by them. Many Native American reservations still produce copper jewellery with traditional markings and etchings which are also popular souvenirs.

The healing properties of copper consist of a chemical reaction that positively involves the body’s own chemistry once it comes into contact with the skin. When copper is in direct contact with the skin in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings, its healing properties enter the bloodstream through the skin as a copper salt. Some wearers of copper jewellery find it relieves the symptoms of arthritis and circulation problems.

Clockwise from Left: Wire Wrapped Pendant , Handwoven Copper DanglesBrass and copper pendant, Minimalist small Nose Pin

Copper is also used as metal on which another metal can be plated, such as silver or platinum, to create multi-toned pieces. Copper jewelry will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Lemon is great for cleaning copper jewellery – and its application followed by cleaning with a soft brush and mild soap and water will have treasured copper pieces looking new again.

Clockwise from Left: Copper Handcrafted BookmarkGinkgo Leaf Copper Small Platter Metal Skeleton Vintage Wall ClockNirvana Copper Gift Box

Copper continues to gain popularity all over the world whether it comes to wall art or decor accents. Giving a unique and stylish look, Copper brings in a glow and warmth as it gels with all neutral colours. Going well with both exteriors and interiors, Copper products offer a heady mix of durability and aesthetics.

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Featured Image: Copper Creations Copper Bangles Bracelets 

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