Give your Home Office an Art Upgrade

We all know home is where the heart is. For a lot of fortunate ones these days – it’s also where our office us.

Initially this unplanned relocation was all about trying to find a comfortable and peaceful nook from where one could be as productive as possible – even if it meant answering emails sitting cross-legged on the couch, finding solace on a balcony or even taking over the dining table.

Some mildly bothersome fallouts have been among other things – getting used to a laptop on a lap, ignoring background noise which could be at varying times the whistle of a pressure cooker, the babble of the baby – especially during Zoom calls and the realisation that starry – eyed dreams of a work from home gig has its downside.

We believe that the trick is to create and spruce up your work from home spaces –for a happy yet professional, work-centric vibe  ensuring you are at your most efficient with optimal effort. We’ve shared tips and tricks in an earlier blog post about how you can create a happy workspace at home – but the one thing that makes the biggest difference to your work from home space is Wall Art.

Research studies in the West say that Wall Art in a home office will make you happier, reduce stress and improve productivity. Workers who worked with art around them also reported feeling happy and peaceful.

Another interesting insight – many believe that introducing art into a work space helps stimulate creativity, brainstorming and problem solving. Hence – it’s essential that our home office space enable our efficiency, feel-good factor and comfort – even though the space may be small nor originally designed to be work-centric.

Doing up a wall with a piece of art then seems to be a relatively easy, cost-effective option in exchange for a whole lot of benefits in return. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing art for your home office –

Explore your options

The most chosen and preferred art types for a home office have also come up in research and they are as follows –

1. A photograph or a painting of a landscape

Featuring – Structure By DaHuez.. More Here

2. An abstract painting

Featuring – Untitled III by Dnyaneshwar Dhavale.. More on Abstract Paintings Here.

3. A textile based artwork

Featuring – Childhood Dreams by Dr. Kripal Mathur.. More on Textile Art Here

4. Travel themed paintings or prints 

Featuring – Untitled VI by Kaushik Raha.. More here

5. Surreal themed artwork

Featuring Childhood Treasures by Shiv Kumar Soni.. More here.

Feel free to go beyond these subjects. If something different calls out to you – it was meant for you.

Go with your instinct

There are no rules. Go with what makes you feel good. Anything can work – if it fits into your workspace both literally and figuratively. You can explore the possibility of having a statement piece of art. A bold, abstract painting in a room with minimal furniture and a lot of bright light can be a spectacular choice that redefines that space.

A landscape themed painting or print – can be offer an escape of sorts for brief periods that refresh and rejuvenate. We’re also big fans of travel themed paintings ! A wealth of possibilities encapsulated within a frame – have the power to make us dream.

Size matters

A large artwork can be impactful on a wall that connects straddles different spaces. A group of smaller works artfully arranged – can make the difference above a work-desk. Paintings and prints in different sizes can also come together to create order within potential chaos. It’s really about how one visualises it and becomes comfortable with the setting.

Art can make things happen

Research shows that brightly coloured art brings in positive vibes, improves efficiency and focus and increases brain activity. Abstract art is believed to have a unique quality of enabling different views, emotions, and opinions. It has the power to unlocking people’s creative thinking but in a manner that does not distance too much from subject being discussed. Bright and graphic artwork is great for a relaxing yet energetic feel.

Art speaks about you

Wall Art in your home office  – and especially if it is strategically placed to be visible during those interminable Zoom calls – can speak for your taste and the kind of person you are and create a connect with colleagues and clients alike.

The things in our workplace environments have a big, positive impact on our lives – and artwork has a huge role to play in this. It goes beyond just having a pretty picture for its own sake – but this also about becoming introspective and creative too.

The pundits say so. And now so do we.  

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