Create a Green Oasis at Home

We’ve yet again realised the value of fresh air and green, open spaces the hard way. If one is lucky enough to be safe and well – we believe your time and effort could be fruitfully spent in creating your own patch of green within your home. 

Irrespective of size or space. Whether you have a few pots and bit of soil in your balcony or a few vases and jars with some indoor greens that could do with some company and love – or if you are fortunate to have terrace space or an actual garden.  You can make it happen with a few creative ideas and recommendations shared by our lifestyle team just for you.  Read on and get started.

Begin with a balcony ledge or even a windowsill

It’s a bonus if you get sunlight for at least 3 – 4 hours a day. Use DIY starter kits and plant seeds in containers or planters that can be hung from balcony railings or placed on window sills. Re-pot cuttings and grow different herbs or flowers in identical or coordinated planter sets in terracotta, ceramic, clay or metal for visual appeal and style.

As you glance upon your windowsill – let herbs and flowers bringing hope and positivity to you. Featuring clockwise from top left: Colorful metallic pots, Green Gardenia rectangular railing planter, Premium colorful railing planter,Single Voyage Planter , Colorful metallic tray plantersAesthetic iron railing bamboo holder

Let them climb the walls or hang them 

Hang up wall planters in ensconced in metallic frames or use trellis frames to guide creepers and vines to grow over them.  Ceiling hooks are a great way to hang planters and use up available space. Crafted in rope, jute, glass, macrame – they’ll create a lush, green world all around you.

Style your walls with greenery in pretty wall planters. Featuring from left: Recycled hanging wine wall planter, Upcycled whiskey glass hanging wall planter, and Lacquered wood and colorful painted  metal wall planters

Take them onto the terrace or into the garden

Rustic larger sized containers are great for growing mini veggie or herb harvests or a collection of the season’s blossoms. You can also stack up sets of unusually shaped planters and make the best of your space !

Brighten the only space you can wander in! Add colour and design to your terrace and garden. Featuring clockwise from left: Geotextile hanging star-shaped pot, Red splash mosaic planter, Sheesham wood brown planter, Iron Hoop Round Pot Stand, Natural table top wooden box, Classic unbreakable large rubber barrelVegetableUpcycled pine wood vegetable planter, and Geotextile single level flower

Keep them indoors

Where they can be safe and away from the heat and grow with diffused or ambient lighting. Stylish planters on stands or placed on desktops or even vases for indoor greens can create a statement wherever you may be.

Stylish indoor planters and vases can uplift the ambience of every room. Featuring clockwise from the left: Single metallic aureate planter, Tall hairpin metal planters, Orchid round terrarium. Jallikattu themed kaalai planter, Concrete yin-yang shaped planter and Ceramic marble neher grey holder

Add style with accents and more

Complete the setting with garden furniture, glowing strings of fairy lights or lanterns, snuggly cushions, tinkling chimes and garden accessories. 

Your green home oasis can be your zen moment, your breakaway space or even a go – to place for a date night or for family fun – all desperately needed in these times.

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Explore our recommendations and create your settings. Shop from our collections and support artisans. We believe you’ll not just be creating happiness for yourself but for others too.

From all of us here at Team WorldArtCommunity – stay well and safe !


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