The Bohemian Homecoming

It’s the year 2021, and we have explored every nook and corner of our homes. We are now, acquainted with colours and have internalised designs – even dealt with the shapes and memorised room layouts. It’s now time to add some colour and culture in our beloved closed spaces, and what better than the vibrant yet easygoing Bohemian way to do it!

Bohemian style brings out the free-spirit that lives in all of us. You can go all-in and dive deep into eccentric colours and non-symmetrical patterns, just like Hippies once did !

Backpackers, wanderers, culture-explorers – popularly known as “Hippies” are the originators of and synonymous with Boho Style. When hippies moved from place to place picking up cultural elements, and new norms of living – they carried bits of their past life and these elements that were a mix of different cultures and colours – evolved into bohemian home decor style along with them. A style representative of freedom, unconventionality, and carefree living. Hippies did not follow any assumed laws, and prospected unusual combinations. Their choices of living evolved into a style and that’s how Bohemian decor emerged.

Today’s city folk may long wistfully for a nomad’s curiosity, passion and adventure but for the time being – may have to settle for visually delightful Bohemian Decor trends and additions to their world. By simply adding one standout design element, or a boho decor accent – they can craft a boho style theme, and set the room free. For such lovers of the Bohemian Decor Trends, we have a basic guide!

Add Boho Elements In Your Daily Decor:

It is no wonder that design has a huge impact on your thinking and emotions – so, why not leverage it! Add these basic bohemian elements in your decor, and let the magic unfold!

Tempting Textures

Explore different textures. Featuring from left: Colorful Kutchi Cover, Ornate Culture Wall and White Tassle Cushion Cover

Bohemian style is all about exploration with different textures. You can fill up your room with a variety of soothing texture elements with macrame hangings, natural fibre rugs, woven cotton tapestries and so much more. There are no rules to follow, just randomly pick a texture, choose a corner and adorn it with your chosen piece. Remember to think and choose freely.

Low Level Seating

Sit in comfort with style. Featuring from left: Handcrafted Chic Pouf and Handwoven Multicolor Pouf

Imagine the hippie life – chilling and having meals on a low-level mattress, soft cushions and quirky poufs. You can bring this vibe to your living space. Low level seating is very comfortable, chilled-out and adds a fresh perspective to the interior set-up of a space. It can create a chill-out zone for friends and family. And it can become your favourite unwinding spot as well !

Garden Delight

Revamp your garden. Featuring from left: Wood & Jute Beads Planter, Zen Mandala Suncatcher, Red Macrame Hanging Planter and Natural Jute Planter

Plants add freshness, and life to every space. Most of us have plants in either the backyard or the terrace – Bohemian style does not follow segregation. Boho trends promote indoor plants in colorful planters, plant hangings alongside the balcony, and eclectic garden accessories. Once you add such greens in your indoor space, you will feel the fresh air and embrace the cool temperature in style.

Lights Around

Let the lights guide you home. Featuring from left: Tall Mushroom Lamp, Chakra Latern and Bamboo Ceiling Light

Boho style follows the light – in a most unique manner. When you are following the lights theme, you can play around with bold light bulbs, hanging fairy lights, central pendant lights, and more. You can step up and experiment with a DIY lights set-up. You can even use a combination of different light colors like yellow, pink, blue etc. Lights are also a great way to bring up  positive emotions. So, go ahead  and use accentuating lights to  make your galleries, rooms and balconies really shine.

Rugs & Layering

Try different themes. Featuring from left: Eco Friendly Bagleys, Vivid Sheer Weaves and Striped Jute Rug

Bohemian lifestyle is contemporary, and its best depicted by layering. Layers of rugs, or wall tapestries, or even wall rugs – they all add character to your room and give it a personality of its own. Opt for unusual and abstract patterns. Transform your room to an artist’s den and let the inspiration take centre stage.

Vintage Furniture

It’s time to re-invent and re-organise. Featuring from left: Purple Brasso Maria Chair, Kantha Sofa ChairMulticolor Mini Trunk and Tulip Table

Add an artisanal vintage vibe with statement furniture pieces – think of edgy tables, chairs, storage in pastel and tribal themes. There is something special about traditional woodwork. The craftsmanship makes you travel back to the simpler times, when we stored our essentials in these places rather than in virtual clouds.

Handcrafted Decor Accents & Curios

Blend in fun, warmth and stories. Featuring from left: Brazen Circle Mirror, Ceramic Mexican Tiles and Ruffle Puff Bird

Do you wonder how Bohemian decor is diverse and embellished with quirky elements in many shapes and sizes? The answer can be found in the habit of nomads to collect mementos as memories from the places they visited. This idea is now extendable to all kinds of memories – where offbeat curios and accents can create memories by just being there.

There are just so many ways to get around and create Bohemian Style – and the best part is that your way is the right way!

In Bohemian Decor – there are no norms, no design rules, you can just add on different elements that work for you, and uplift your decor style game. Once you choose and place all the elements, the informal and free-spirited vibe will create itself and immerse you in it . 

Try doing it and see the results for yourself !

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