Furniture Trends 2021 – Wrap-Up!

Because home is where the heart is, we celebrate its beauty and the things that make it special!

Let’s revisit 2021’s Trends in Home Furniture – that you’ve appreciated & taken home this year! From modern rustic to vintage to sustainable options and more… explore our collection of artistic furniture!

Tend Modern Rustic

A Wood based look that’s Edgy & Grainy added Depth and Character in a Contemporary Setting


Old is Gold said someone wise. Antique & Vintage Style has Timeless Appeal
The Year gone by re-inforced the need for making Sustainable Choices. In every aspect of our Lifestyle

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are bold and eye-catching can never go out of style. These are Show-Stoppers & Conversation Starters!

Bold Colours

Bold Colours to offset Neutrals or to add Extra Vibrance to Spaces ruled !

We’ve really enjoyed looking back and bringing you at the year’s Furniture Trends.

See you on the other side fresh Artistic Furniture Design and Wall Decor for living room and more !

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