Top Table Lamp Trends for 2022

Table Lamps are small lamps designed to be placed on a table or any piece of furniture. They add personality to a room and can create a warm, welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Use of Table Lamps

Table lamps are versatile and can be used in every room. In case of a study or a home office, the choice of the table lamp is determined by its functionality and performance. In the case of a bedroom or a living room table lamps are placed on a nightstand or a bedside table. These lamps are used for reading in bed or to create a soft ambient glow or to add to the aesthetics of the room. In addition, table lamps complement the lighting provided by ceiling lamps and create mood lighting – leading to atmosphere and comfort.

Different Trends in Table Lamps

As we emerge from the last two years of lockdown , the way we want to live our lives has altered. Our purpose and the way we spend time in our homes has changed, which has affected every decision we make including those about home decor. Interior design trends shape how we decorate and style our homes. Therefore, lighting, being a game-changer, becomes an important thing to keep in mind. There are some new colours, textures, and most importantly, there are new moods to explore.

Let’s check out different trends for table lamps in 2022 – which can quickly change the mood of your spaces !

Rattan Table Lamp

A rattan shade is a great way to add some natural and earthy texture. Rattan is  simple yet stylish. It goes with almost every decor theme – so it is quite versatile as well!

Add a rattan lamp for classic style – Natural Rattan Cylindrical Shade

Brass Table Lamp

Brass is a gold-finished metal made from copper and zinc. This elegant and modern brass lamp adds visual interest with its marble accents and the bulb’s angular shadows. Brass will add shine to your room!

Artisanal brass lamp creates a folksy, crafty vibe – Hand Crafted Bed Lamp

Wooden Table Lamp

Although one might associate a wooden lamp with a plain and rustic look, wooden lamps are available in various types and styles, from sleek and modern to warm and traditional. These are sustainable, environment-friendly and enable a mindful lifestyle. 

Traditional Gond Art on a wooden lamp base – Gond Art Wooden Lamp

Terracotta Table Lamp

Terracotta is a clay-based ceramic, where the fired body is porous in construct and texture. A terracotta lamp gives an earthy yet stylish appeal. This lamp would complement your decor, be it modern, classic, or eclectic.

Sprinkle some magic in your kid’s room – Unicorn Terracotta Lamp

Minimalist Lamp

Minimalism rose to popularity in recent years with the core message – less is more. Ever since then, it has garnered a lot of interest amongst interior designers and lifestyle aficionados as well. This minimalist lamp is sleek, polished and sparse in terms of design. It fits perfectly in any setting!

Futuristic Inspiration – Modern Minimalist Lamp

Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modern is the decorative style reminiscent of the 1950’s and 1960’s – mixed with modern patterns and structures. It’s characterised by lots of natural wood, simple lines, a mostly muted palette, and a sense of form-meets-function.

An interesting mix of modern design with decades old style – Mid Century Lamp


Lamps are an integral part of our homes. One does not need to be limited in one’s use of this all important decor accent. One can try incorporating two dissimilar table lamps for a more distinctive look. To give a room visual balance – one can opt for lamps with similar colours!

It is also not necessary that the table lamp you choose should blend in with the style of the room. It can be used as a statement – and can be totally different from the rest of the décor. So, explore & experiment!

We’ve really enjoyed bringing you our top picks for table lamps for the season. We hope you will enjoy exploring our collection and styling your home with them! 

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