Beautiful Foyers for Beautiful Homes

A foyer doesn’t get very much attention – it’s mostly a limited area in terms of size.  We all pass through it coming in or going out of home – but not much else. It’s not an area where we would actually sit down and spend time.

We believe that’s no excuse for not giving a foyer area the attention it deserves. Because first impressions count. And a first impression of a home – is all about a foyer and the way it is put together. Read on and know about ways in which you can create and style a beautiful foyer – one which does justice to the rest of your home.

Anchor things with a Console Table

A must-have console table will mix style with utility. Style yours with your favourite decor accents, lamps and organisers for must haves such as house keys ! Use drawers and create spaces for much needed practical storage. If there is very little space, get around the problem with a wall bracket or shelf. Your console table can be the anchor of your foyer decor – with lighting, art, greenery placed on or around it. Choose from our artisanal console tables selection and find one that suits your space and style.

Console tables to set a stylish theme for your foyer
Featuring clockwise from left: Distinque Console Table, Cane Console Table and Maharaja Console Table

Glow with the right Lighting 

Create a warm, welcoming effect with accent lighting! Having a well-lit foyer can create a positive impression and a welcoming ambience. Install an overhead pendant light or a small but pretty chandelier. If you plan to include a table in your entryway, then a placing a stylish lamp or pair of lamps can add a bit of extra flair and a warm welcoming glow.

Table lamps and pendant lights can add to the mood
Featuring clockwise from left: Cream Shade Table Lamp, Spanish Antique Pendant Lamp, Handpainted Gond Art Table Lamp and Aqua Blue Pendant Lamp

Express yourself with Wall Art 

If you want your foyer to say something about you – then explore the use of wall art for this space. It will be the focus of attention – and also a conversation starter. Pick wall art that is meaningful to you. Something that you would love to look upon every single day – would be a compelling addition to your foyer area. 

Pick wall art pieces that speak to you
Featuring clockwise from left: Barn Art Wall Plates, Water Design Canvas Art and Great Kolkata Safari Acrylic on Canvas

Add some fun with Wall Shelves, Hooks and Hangers

They serve a practical need but they needn’t be boring. Choose artistically designed, colourful and quirky yet artistic shelves and racks, wall hooks and hangers. Explore varied designs and  shapes, materials such as metal and wood – in sizes big and small, with individual or multiple hooks. The choice is yours !

Pick shelves, hooks and hangers that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing
Featuring clockwise from left: Bohemian Look Hooks, Hand painted Deer Hook and Metal Bridge Hanger

Mirrors that are Wall Decor

A Mirror can become the centre of attention in a foyer. Especially if you feel that your space looks and feels dull and dark. Choose from our selection of artisanal mirrors that double up as wall art. They have the power to uplift the energy and the style quotient of a space. If your entrance area includes a window or has a natural light source, a mirror can multiply that light and make your entryway feel light and spacious. Mirrors can highlight architectural details and ensure the flow of good energy as per Vaastu and Feng Shui.From vintage-style mirrors to contemporary expressions, you’re sure to find an artisanal mirror you would love to show off.

Mirrors that reflect light, energy and create good vibes 
Featuring clockwise from left: Anais Wall Mirror, Cartwheel Wood Mirror and Bamboo Squircle Mirror

Indoor Planters for a Fresh Vibes

Single or multiple indoor plants in table-top planters or large shrubs placed in wall mounted planters or even in a large pot that’s strategically placed in a niche – can add greenery and freshness. Explore a beautiful setting for your plant babies with pots and planters from our artistic partners ! 

Add a breath of fresh air with indoor plants in artistic pots and planters
Featuring from left: Agate Stone & Brass Planter, Bright Metal planter and Durian Tall Planter

Summing it up  !

Mix and match our suggestions for different elements that can make up a beautiful foyer, and you will be amazed at the results. 

All you need to do is explore our home decor selection to create a statement foyer that leads into a beautiful home.

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