Five Ways To Put Together A Perfect Spring Picnic

A picnic lunch is the perfect way to enjoy balmy breezes and the gentle warmth of spring. It’s the perfect time for a sunny outdoor gathering with close friends and family. One that allows you to unwind and to fuel up for the week ahead.

Your picnic need not necessarily be about driving to faraway spots – you can head over to a nearby park or garden. Or even set things up on your terrace or in your backyard or in a patio or even in your balcony! The idea is to find a space where can have fun and be comfortable.

Once that’s decided – explore our five top ways to style and create a perfect and memorable picnic !

  1. Make It A Basket Case :

Get started with a with a picnic basket – or carrier in which your essentials are packed in one single and compact space. Opting for a rustic picnic basket adds elegant flair to your presentation and sets the mood for things to come.

A picnic essential – Featuring Clockwise from Top Left: Peony Baskets, Set of Ethnic Basket, Bamboo Squircle Basket
  1. Serve Picnic Food In Style:

Opt for finger foods or pre-portioned eats that can be served easily and with minimal fuss. Think sandwiches, wraps, muffins, cut fruit. You can have a showstopper centrepiece dish such as quiche or a pie which can be placed on a stylish platter. For health-conscious folk keep a wooden salad bowl and spoons handy to toss up a green salad on the spot. Or else create a gourmet vibe by serving a selection of cheeses paired with wine and interesting accompaniments such as grapes, crackers, olives and more. Use cheese platters, trays and flat serve-ware to for convenience and style. Happy tummies make for happier picnics !

Serve in style. Featuring Clockwise from Top Left : Cazo Bowl, Green Me Up Salad Bowl, Madhubani Wooden TrayBlue Ikat Square Platter
  1. Quirky Cutlery:

If your serve-ware is making a statement – then cutlery and other accompaniments must be statement companions. Look for our interesting “supporting heroes” like an antique bottle opener, wooden serving spoons and cutting knife for cold cuts or cheese to create an Instagram worthy picnic scape.

Statement cutlery – Featuring Clockwise from Top Left : Layered Leaf Cutlery Set,  Abalone Shell Ladle Set, Floral Salad Server, Silverware Cutlery Set
  1. Miscellaneous Must-Haves:

Avoid disasters and stock up on these. Choose from our selection of quirky salt and pepper shakers, handmade tissue boxes , quirky toothpick holders, arty jars and containers to carry dry snacks, layered desserts or salads. All so you can stay practical yet cool and hassle free!

Miscellaneous Essentials – Clockwise from Top Left : Chuttu Puttu Salt Pepper Holder, Ripple Container, Kutch Pottery Cookie Jar, Saanjh Tissue Box
  1. Go Beyond The Basket:

A great picnic is also about comfort. And fun. Add on a colourful blanket or spread. Get the
music going with our bamboo speaker for a great ambience. Spend time with unique games like wooden dominoes and tic-tac toe, that are great to keep the kids entertained.

For the perfect ambience – Clockwise from Top Left: OX Game Box, Snow Flakes Teal Throw, Teak Wood Foldable Mobile Stand, Kutch Painted Amplifier

Last but not least. Trash stuff in large trash bags, carry back recyclable stuff for correct
disposal, clean up before leaving. Make sure you take all your memories and trash back with you. And leave only your footprints behind.

Enjoy your time. Because as the great W. Somerset Maugham said – “ There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort. ”

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