6 Jewelry Trends for 2023

Receiving a piece of jewelry – especially one which is crafted in precious metals or gems – is usually associated with a life event such as a birthday, graduation or an engagement.

But the trend of investing in signature pieces of jewelry for oneself – that are artisanal and semi-precious in nature continues to be on the rise. Jewelry designers are working with both fashion and fine jewelry to cater to the demand for statement and stylish pieces – earrings, rings, necklaces and more that shoppers seem to be snapping up both online and offline.

Increasingly – we see a movement towards using jewelry as a personal style statement – one that speaks for the wearer’s taste and attitude. This is a big change from the time of the pandemic where jewelry was not much in use – or if used at all – there were colourful pieces worn to add a touch of cheer to an otherwise challenging setting or mood.

The year 2023 promises to be one where everything and everyone is beginning to go back to what was normal – with a vengeance. Which is why Trends in Jewelry promise to be all about everything that is big, bold, bright and beautiful.

Read on to know about the 6 expert-prescribed 2023 jewelry trends and the pieces representing each trend that you can pick up from www.worldartcommunity.com

Given the talent of our jewelry designers – we’re confident that you’ll find something that will catch your eye.

Big & Bold Earrings

Featuring clockwise from left: Pearl and Kundan Hoops, Dove Bond Danglers, Tribal Earrings

Think all things big, bright and eye-catching. One need not hold back wearing statement earrings – as mask ties and bands no longer pose the challenges of tangled danglers and hoops. Renewed social lives also offer great opportunities to flaunt statement pieces and to make a splash.

Striking Cuffs

Featuring clockwise from left: Pandemonium Cuff, Narayna Bracelet, Spiral bracelet

They began as a runway statement – and now continue to make their presence felt – worn on arms and wrists. Both bold and delicate designs are popular in cuffs which now can be spotted often on those who follow jewelry trends.

Emeralds and Green Stones

Featuring clockwise from left: Silver Bead Embellished Filigree Earrings, AD Earring, Gold Plated Choker Set

The diamonds or zircons characterised by their classic white fire are now being replaced by emeralds – of both the real and faux variety. Chunky green and other coloured stones are often worn by trendsetters – in sync with the all that’s fresh and happening.

Personalised Jewelry

Featuring from left: Initial Ring , Capricorn Layered Necklace

The trend began during the pandemic -and continues unchanged even today. However – personalisation that began with simple expressions such as names and initials – has now transformed into mottos and statements indicative of the wearer’s thoughts, attitudes and personality. Much like a tattoo speaking for its wearer – personalised jewlery is special and treasured by its wearer.

Heart Shaped Jewelry

Featuring clockwise from left: Italian Style Heart Earrings, 925 Sterling Silver Pendant, Happy Heart Studs

The trend began with basic and delicate expressions during the pandemic – but now continues in a glamorous and boldly stylish avatar. Expressions in heart shaped jewelry are now creative and striking in their appearance and craft and much sought after by influencers, fashionistas and jewelry lovers alike.

Fun Brooches

Featuring clockwise from left: Playful Dragonfly, Summer Flower, Evil Eye

Create a spin that’s funky, fun, stylish, classy or whatever it is that you please with your personal expression on your collar or lapel. Explore playful and hand-made pins and brooches to add flair to jackets and shirts.

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