Setting up a Terrace Garden this Monsoon

At we’re proud to be showcasing an extensive selection of hand-crafted pots, planters and garden accessories from our artistic partners. Which is all very well – but their beauty and impact will manifest only when they are used to plant your favourite seeds, shrubs, cuttings and flowers and arranged in an aesthetic manner. Given the limited spaces that we all live in – a green patch of earth is a luxury few of us are blessed with.

And hence a terrace or even a balcony garden is what a lot of us put together – to experience a bit of nature amidst our concrete jungles. Whether you’re a novice gardener or the proud owner of a green thumb – read on for our trips and tricks to set up your own terrace garden this monsoon season.

Deciding what to grow

It’s best to plant shrubs in a terrace garden. A plant with deep roots may not grow if planted in a pot or may embed itself in walls or flat surfaces. Flowering plants – where blooms appear on the top branches or vegetables such as tomatoes and chillies that require minimal care are also great options. Also brinjal,lime, cucumber. Or herbs in pots – such as aloe vera, basil, chives, lemongrass are great options too.

Of course patient care over a few months is required to enable seeds to grow ! And remember – a mix of summer and winter plants and flowers will ensure blossoms throughout the year.

Getting the soil right

Plants will grow well when they receive nutrition from the correct soil mix. A mix of soil and compost is the best way to ensure food for our plants. Compost can be topped up every week for ongoing nutrition to plants. Care needs to be taken to ensure that heavy downpour does not wash away top soil and its nutrients.

Giving some sunshine

Plants need about 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. Even so called indoor plants needs to be placed outside in the shade from time to time. Do ensure your plants get their quota.

The watering principle

Watch out for the quality of the soil – it will tell you whether your plant is thirsty. Or not. Regular watering is essential in summers. Watering at longer intervals in winter is called for. In the monsoons keep a watch as excessive watering can also be harmful for plants.

Making it pretty

It’s really up to your imagination. Planters, pots, waterbodies, accessories – the list of things to prettify your terrace garden can be endless. Experiment with bottles, cups and saucers, teapots. Use coloured stones artfully placed for effect.

Stylish chairs or low seating can add a new twist – and convert your garden into a favourite space. Strings of artfully draped fairy-lights, Moorish style lanterns and ethnic lanterns can create magic during night time. In order to ensure your plants and blossoms are displayed to their best effect – ensure different levels of display – with the tallest ones against walls and smaller ones upfront – or hanging or put up against walls. Smaller plants and bonsai need to be carefully placed where the chances of damage are minimal. Also – avoid clutter and keep plants pruned and trimmed.

Don’t forget your basics

Ensure that there is a very slight incline on your terrace or floor towards the drain. Else you’ll be cleaning up stagnant water all the time. Ensure you waterproof areas which hold plants or where you grow grass to prevent seepage. Ensure that you have a back-up system to water and nurture your garden if you are travelling.

And last but not the least. Keep a watch over your garden. See what looks tired, or thirsty. Or over-fed and over-watered. Nip possible problems in the bud.

The joy of creating and enjoying one’s own little patch of green can only be experienced to be believed.

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