Folklore Stories by Manjusha Art

India is a country full of folklore and festivals. One such unique festival called “Bishahari Puja”, celebrated in the state of Bihar – represents a unique art form which called “Manjusha”, literally meaning ‘box’ in Sanskrit. The line drawing art and scroll style of representation of Manjusha typically showcase motifs from the ‘Bihula-Bishahari’ folklore from […]

The Timeless Trend of Temple Jewelry

The timeless and classic allure of Temple Jewellery – has over time been an intrinsic part of a woman’s jewelry box – especially in the Southern part of India. Inspired by historic architecture, paintings and statues of temples, gods and goddesses, South Indian Temple Jewellery is traditionally made of gold and embedded with precious gems […]

Guest Post – Magic of Hand Block Printing!!

One of the ways India as a country expresses itself is through its rich and exquisite diversity of Textiles. It’s a blend of exceptional craftsmanship, creativity, magnificent colors and finest quality. One of the techniques of creating beautiful textiles is the hand block printing. It is one of the oldest Indian craft forms in which […]